5 Tips to Deal with Difficult Followers in Your Social Media Page

Let me get straight with this problem. Trolls exist and well in social media. Those are the people who are difficult to handle. So, if you have any social media page running, beware of those people. They can smite negative comments to your page quickly and make your page look really horrible for your audience if you respond to them in the wrong way. That’s why you need a system of etiquette that will help you to handle those difficult followers in a positive way. And if you do that, you will be able to protect your brand reputation effectively on social media. Here are 5 most essential tips to deal with difficult followers in your social media page:

1. Don’t Feed the Troll
When you feed the troll with raging comments, you are initiating a flame war that will unlikely end in a short amount of time. Refrain from dealing with them in a furious way, trying to make your point by intimidating them. They will retaliate back to you with even more hatred in their comments. Just stay cool and stay calm. If they are trolling about something, just point out the right perspective for them. You don’t even need to respond to them if they are not directly attacking your brand in their comments.

2. Address any Problem as Quickly as Possible

If some of your followers are giving negative comments due to the problem that they have with your product or service, you have to address the problem as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until tomorrow. They need your swift reply and practical solution immediately. They need your help. Usually, these types of people will give back their trust to you if you can help them solve their problem in the most practical way. Remember that most companies that neglect these types of people will usually find them ranting on forums and other online places just to tell the world about how horrible your products are.

3. Be a Good Source of Information

If you want to help your audience to do something, don’t hold back. You can’t help them by releasing just a tiny bit of information about how to do it. It will motivate people to put negative comments on your page. You just need to give the information as clearly as possible. Avoid any confusion. Make your social media page a good place to find new information related to your business. Don’t let rumors spread. Just explain everything clearly.

4. Counter Their Argument in a Positive Way

If the difficult people are attacking you or your brand in their comments, then you have to be smart in countering their argument. First of all, you have to keep the language positive. You don’t want any more damage in your reputation by writing nasty comments back to your attackers. Then, once you’ve given enough positive counter-argument, you can just ignore them if they persist in their behavior, or completely remove them from your follower list and delete their post altogether.

5. Keep Posting Content

You also need to keep posting content to your page so that it will always be refreshed with new information. It will also bury any past negative comments on your page automatically. It is important for your business reputation. This is an indirect way to deal with difficult people. You don’t want others to see your interaction with them, so you keep posting content and your interaction with them will be buried deep within your page. Sure, your audience will still find them if they keep scrolling down your page, but most of them will not. While you do this, improve the way you communicate with your audience, so that there will be less trolls that bother you in the future.

Those are some social media etiquettes that you should follow in order to deal with difficult followers. Remember that it is always your responsibility to make sure that each interaction will be positive for both sides.


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