How to Build Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is among the widely-used and well-known social networking sites of our day. Its popularity only keeps on increasing as time goes by. Businesses look to Twitter to connect with their customers and other businesses. It helps them to find possible sales leads.

The first thing that you need to make use of Twitter’s benefits is to create a profile. How do you do this in order to get your business well-noticed on this site?

First things first; you need to know what Twitter is all about. This is a web platform that allows you to share a maximum of 140 characters to those people who care about what you have to say. Before somebody can see your updates, they need to be your follower. You also must be their follower before you can read their posts.

When you create your Twitter profile, you need to choose a username which effectively conveys what you and your business is all about. You can use the name of your business in case it is short. You may also create a profile with your personal name. Choose the one that makes it easier for Twitter users to search for you and to start following. If your business has a really long name, choose a word that identifies it. Remember to choose a username that is related to your business.

Practice effective use of backgrounds and icons. You may upload pictures showing your business but you do have to work with the size limitations. Some opt to put up a logo so that their business is easily identified. Others choose a personal picture since Twitter is all about connecting with other people. A personal photograph humanizes you so you are easier to connect with.

Your Twitter profile has to be consistent. You are only given 140 characters for the bio page so come up with a phrase that effectively talks about your business. You may also put your website’s link on your profile so that you can lead your followers to the page that has more information regarding what you are offering. The Twitter bio serves as something like a teaser that points them to a more informative page.

Your Twitter page can have a background. It can be the logo of your business or an image that shows your products.

A good Twitter profile is the first thing that you need to use this to benefit your business. Let people understand you as well as possible using your profile in order to entice them to start following you.