Twitter has quite a funny name but this has some serious benefits for your business. This is a wonderful tool for connecting with others, building your network, and even marketing your products and services. It also helps that it is very easy to learn and to use.

Twitter is an example of a micro-blogging program which allows you to create short updates. You do not have to say that many things in order to get your point across because the maximum characters that you can post for each ‘tweet’ is 140.

It might seem like the maximum allowable space for your tweets is too short for you to really say what you have to but the fact is that this is just the perfect length. Nobody really wants to say that many things; you only need to say enough in order to succeed.

Are you still unsure of how you can benefit from Twitter? Here are some tips to try out.

– Remain active and tweet as often as you can. To really get the most benefits from this, you have to participate. Through this you will learn more things and have more followers that are interested in you.

– Listening is very important; even on Twitter. Take some time to just sit back and try to learn from the tweets of others instead of doing too many tweets yourself.

– Use the tools that Twitter offers you. This will help you make better use of your time. Some of the tools are Twitter Fox, Twirl, Tweetlater, and Tweetdeck. Try them out and see which one is really helpful.

– Do not try too hard at selling. If all the tweets you post are all about selling, you will end up losing followers. You need to engage them and communicate well with them in order to succeed.

– Try to get more followers since this is the essence of your Twitter experience. Follow the profiles of those that share your interests or those that are in your target market. Try to get followers from these same categories.

– Twitter is a kind of social networking so you do have to communicate with the rest of the people in it. Show respect and be wise with the words that you use. It also helps if you keep your characters below 120 so that there is enough space for the ‘@’ part of the tweet, making it easier for others to re-tweet what you posted.