It seems like a rather simple concept, but many of the companies make a lot of effort for determining what their presence on Facebook is. Should you lead with newsletter content, brand, product, or information on your business? What will reverberate on the clients in such a significant way that will make them to listen and share your wisdom with their friends? If you have problems with this, you aren’t the only one. It isn’t easy to transform your assets into a social media sensation story.

You will have success if you start to think about the exact reasons a customer interacts with the company. What is the value proposition of your product or company? What does your product provide that your competition don’t? Are you marketing the actual benefits of your product or do you market a lifestyle to which people look up to? Facebook won’t fix problems with a brand or product, but it will give you an opportunity to reach out in interesting and new ways that might support people’s opinion.

For that reason, it’s very important to think through your most successful client campaigns and find things in common between them. If you are trying to set up a campaign that highlights the differences between your products and the products of your competitors, you should probably go through the same procedure. It sounds more or less simple, but in fact you need to think critically about your business, where exactly you fit in, what you have learned from the past campaigns, and how you can sell your vision.