Nowadays, the usage of a computer is an inseparable part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine our lives without it. Over the past years we have witnessed the development of Internet marketing. During the last six years, the social media business has grown rapidly and it became a way for people to live online and to share information. It’s really amazing to which extend the Internet business has evolved as a result of social networking platforms such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media technologies.

For years people’s interactions have been in front of a television, in person, or by using headphones. Now things are different, since social media and Internet technologies have improved our experiences online. We take pleasure in pictures, video, communications, and audio, just as much from our monitors as from our “offline” experiences. More than ever we want to interact, share, and learn from the comfort of our mobile devices and computers.

In this section we try to cover a few social marketing topics and unveal some secrets to develop a succesful social marketing campaign – especially focusing on facebook: