Customer Needs to Effective Tactics

Some strategies will resonate well with certain personas, while others won’t. This is a significant consideration – Facebook and social media campaigns can’t be expected to solve all your problems across all customer segments, it is not likely. Choose and pick opportunities, and make sure you are reaching that clientele in helpful, friendly ways that map to your product or brand. Some of the tactics will work, but others might offend your clients. Social media and Facebook are innovative, interesting ways to reach out to your clients, but poor execution can definitely backfire on you. You have to think for your customers first and then for your business, and you’ll almost certainly will be more successful.

In order to find out how does all this work in practice, you should never forget that the customer’s main motivations in this case are knowledge, convenience, assistance, and time savings with a purchasing decision of great importance. Effective and appropriate Facebook marketing tactics would differ based on the different cases and customers as expected will have to be motivated differently as well. Clients for houses want completely different things than people showing support for a local unique business. Very important is that for instance, people make a one-time decision to buy a house, while they may eat at the same restaurant 20 times per year. So, the characteristics of the business – local differentiation, transaction cost, brand affinity, and transaction frequency – all these features have an important influence on the logical tactics.