A Breakdown of the top ten Social Media sites

There are a countless amount of social media sites on the Internet. The one thing these sites have in common is that they are interactive and allow communities of people to publish their own content for others to see. This content is often grouped by topic so as to make it easier to find. Some of the more popular sites are:

  1. www.youtube.com Everybody loves video. Oddly, there are a lot of business owners that choose not to use video in their marketing efforts. That might not sound smart, but that just means that there are more opportunities for you.
  2. www.blogger.com Blogger.com is a very popular free blogging platform that is Google owned. One of the things that make it so popular is that since it is completely free you can sign-up and start creating content right away. Your content is indexed on the Web very quickly.
  3. www.twitter.com Most of us have heard of twitter. Almost everyone including celebrities and politicians, use twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that can be used to point to more substantial content.
  4. www.wordpress.com WordPress is another free blogging platform that is also very popular. It is an open source platform that is very user-friendly and has lots of functionality that includes being part of a network of blogs that are picked up both Google and Facebook.
  5. www.digg.com Digg is a popular social media and bookmarking site. Digg allows its users to share content from anywhere on the web. This is a very popular site in Google’s eyes.
  6. www.hubpages.com Hubpages is a publishing platform that has an active amount of users. It is an easy to use website for content creation. It is very important for your overall social media strategy as your hub pages are indexed very quickly.
  7. www.squidoo.com Squidoo is very similar to the pages. Squidoo allows you to create what they call lenses. A lens is simply a landing page for you to publish your content for the world to see. It is an extremely easy-to-use site that will allow you to add many types of content such as video, images, and articles.
  8. www.zimbio.com Zimbio is a growing online magazine and social media site. This sites centers around pop culture including entertainments and current events. The content you submit is not limited to these areas. You are allowed to include any content.
  9. www.wetpaint.com Wetpaint is a website that allows each of its members to build a community site around their company. It is a very popular website.
  10. www.propeller.com Propeller is AOL’s social media site. It is also very easy to use. You can submit your site or article. Submissions from Propeller always do very well in Google. Right now it is very important but their traffic seems to be declining.

The best way to make use of these sites is to post content consistently. You can use these sites in combination with each other to create interconnected content that is all pointing back to your site. Over time you will begin to see your traffic grow.


5 Responses to “A Breakdown of the top ten Social Media sites”

  • markus says:

    Question.. anybody knows how to get your market from twitter???

  • seo partner says:

    Those businesses are like the big ten they rank very high in Google and no other business can top them but with seo you can rank up high with your competitors. Every business that wants to rank high in the Google search engine should have an seo partner.

  • Just curious why facebook didn’t pop up on the most popular list. I thought that they were number one for sure…and I’m pretty sure they are. Or were you leaving them out because everyone already knows that?

  • birdie says:

    oh well … someone eventually noticed that 🙂

    I will analyze facebook marketing in depth in future posts.

    Keep in touch.

  • Rico Frans says:

    Some good points on how to grow your Facebook group.

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