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The seven most important rules of Social Bookmarking

The Internet is constantly evolving and online businesses are striving to stay ahead. Online social bookmarking is just one of the strategies being used. It may not be for everybody as there are a certain set of rules that must be followed. But just like other popular social media sites there are ways to stay safe. The most important thing to remember is that each social bookmarking site is different and so are the audiences.

  1. Learn the rules first. Take a look around the site before you begin. Learn what other users are sharing. If you find that the popular discussions interest you then you have found a bookmarking site that suits you.
  2. Be respectful of others. Be respectful of the knowledge and content that the other users share and never talk down to them. Being disrespectful can lead to you not being accepted yourself. What you should do is take the time to recognize users that you can relate to. Recognition will always win loyalty.
  3. Provide information that is helpful. It is most effective to offer pieces of information about new innovations and developments that the community will find interesting. Humor and good resources well provides you with credibility. Credibility builds trust among your community.
  4. Never spam. This is one of the most important rules. If you share resources that are irrelevant or share the same resource too often, it will be considered spam. If you outsource your social bookmarking strategies to another company that uses any spamming techniques, ask them to stop.
  5. Be an individual. Communicate your ideas and your resources in your own words. Original ideas and thoughts always receive positive feedback and promote discussion.
  6. Participate actively. If you wish to use social bookmarking as a way to create a networking resource, it’s important that you also read what others share and comment on. Provide updates on a daily basis so that you will remain in view of your followers.
  7. Most importantly, stick with it. It’s common for users of social media sites to quit very early. But the longer you remain active on sites, the greater your chances will be to turn your followers into clients. If you continue to be active among your community, you will begin to build trust.

These rules are just the beginning. But if you follow these rules, it will not take long before you master the art of social bookmarking.


Key Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In 2014

social intercorrelationI have recently asked to one of my friends at about what the key Social Media trends to watch out for in 2014 may be. Here are her thoughts.

Considering that pretty much everyone has an account on the major social networks, it’s clear that social media has grown exponentially over the past several years. What was once an obscure network used by college students has dramatically evolved into a highly efficient customer engagement and marketing tool. The ascension of social media was gradual and during this time, a lot of changes have taken place.

Moreover, all signs indicate that its growth and integration into people’s and businesses’ lives is not over yet. In fact, all major social networks intend to release additional exciting new developments and implement changes in 2014. Here are some of the important key trends to watch out for in the upcoming months.

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Twitter Marketing

The usefulness of Twitter as a marketing tool is immediately understandable:

  1. it allows you to speak to a wide range of people for free,
  2. it allows you to place a link in the text,
  3. it allows you to cut your marketing expenditure.

In the following series of articles we try to understand a little bit more this amazing tool and find out some of its benefits.

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